Culturally smart Businesses

Research, Analysis, & Training solutions

Whether you are thinking about doing business in Dubai or Detroit, we can help you build a culturally smart strategy.


Our propriety frameworks matched with our expertise, knowledge, and network make sure you get answers to all the questions, even the ones you don't know you need to ask.

Let us help you develop a

culturally smart business strategy 

so you can take your business

anywhere you want.

Culturally Smart Businesses know to ask:

  • How well are contracts enforced where we are expanding?
  • How do my overseas vendors protect my property, both physical and intellectual?
  • What cultural taboos and important rules of courtesy exist?
  • Are there topics of conversation or locations "off limits"?
  • What labor issues do I need to be aware of?

 Are you thinking about:

  • Expanding internationally?
  • Expanding regionally?
  • Building or improving a training program?
  • Hiring from abroad?
  • Marketing to a different demographic?
  • Sourcing internationally?


Successful Businesses Grow

We can help


Culturally Smart businesses prepare