Culturally smart Businesses

Research, Analysis, & Training solutions

Training needs are constant in the business world. We can help you develop, or improve, your training programs.  These services include:

  • Analysis of current training needs
  • Curriculum and lesson design
  • Video and/or other types of audio visual programs (in conjunction with our partners)
  • Qualified instructors for in-person training seminars

Training Programs

We build Culturally Smart Business Strategy.

We do research and analysis which we couple with our experience, knowledge and proprietary frameworks to help you build a sound cultural strategy. 

We provide training so that your whole team is on board.

Our training products are customized to your needs. We can do one-on-one or whole business training. We have the ability to produce quality training videos, slide productions, or in-person presentations. Whether you need large-format curriculum or micro-learning solutions, we can help you.

What we do

Ethically minded retailers have a need to vet their suppliers and be sure they meet the highest trade standards. This service answers these needs and includes the following services:

  • Initial Supplier Screening Questionnaire and Review
  • Secondary Supplier Survey and Review
  • 5 hours of research
  • Interview time with key supplier personnel
  • Report with findings and recommendations

This standard introductory package can help your business prepare for overseas expansion or improve on relationships already in place, whether international or domestic. It includes:

  • 5 hours of consultation with key members of your organization
  • 30 hours of expert research
  • A written analysis, using our proprietary framework, which helps identify areas of concern and recommendations for actions and training
  • Value- this package costs less than a international business class airfare

Supplier Vetting Service

Example Package

Our Clients

No matter how big or small you are, we have the capability to match your needs. 

We've worked with large software companies, Federal agencies, universities, and small retailers. No matter what your need or size, our goal is to provide you with a customized product that improves your overall effectiveness.

Our initial consultation is always free, so contact us today and begin building a culturally smart business.